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31.01.2011 Dora Hello! I also personally am satisfied with the possibilities provided by MAOLO. I maintain the level of leukocytes in chemotherapy and have not had to interrupt it, thanks to MAOLO only. I take one or two capsules. I am grateful to Dr. Smilov and his team. Dora
06.12.2010 Stoyan Stoyan. I was surgically operated from throat cancer, and I conducted a lot of radiation therapies. I was looking at various posts and opinions on the site of the company MAOLO that offers the preparation MAOLO. People seem interested in unilateral disease and treatment. They have accepted whatnot, as long as they are offered it on the forums, without even thinking of whether it is harmful? I'm pleasantly surprised that the SMILO company has targeted this research work – of whether their agent is toxic or not. This has been proved with targeted toxicity experiments, which were made in the Faculty of Pharmacy Sofia. They show that MAOLO, by means of which leukocytes are raised at chemotherapy and radiotherapy, is absolutely non-toxic. I welcome your diligence! Stoyan
05.11.2010 Iliana Greetings to all brothers- suffering from cancer! I heard about MAOLO that helps many patients, regardless of how cancer patients they are. I also learned of patients treated even in Turkey, an American anticancer Center “John Hopkins”, who recommend our patients to drink MAOLO. Since, despite of the high technology in the treatment there by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, some of patients had the usual side effects such as decrease of leukocytes and vomiting. Apparently Americans in Turkey have understood that they can rely on the good effect of MAOLO to offset these side effects in treating disease by MAOLO, and they recommend it to patients by addressing them to the SMILO company mercy to buy it from there. Iliana
21.10.2010 Petar Georgiev I want to report through you to all who have malignancies and who are chemotherapy or have finished such procedures that a great tool for their health is MAOLO. I learned about it from another patient being treated in Onco-dispensary in the town of Ruse. There, Dr. Ivanov had recommended him and the man felt very well - his leucocytes rose and then did not fell due to drinking of MAOLO - herbal preparation without the side effects, as they say. It is three months since I have been drinking it, and I feel much better. I told him and other sick and they later responded to me that they were feeling well and their leucocytes also were rising and not falling. I wish you success. Petar Georgiev
13.10.2010 Ms. Stoykova I learned of the preparation from other female victims of severe disease breast cancer, who I met the procedures at the Institute of Oncology - Sofia, found out about MAOLO. They informed me that they had taken it for several months it permanently and feeling good. No collapse of leucocytes during chemotherapy and feel lively. And I began to take MAOLO and actually feel good.

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