About Us

Agency for Quality and Safety of Goots SMILO Ltd was established on 22.03.1991. It started operating as a consultancy office, which serves mainly manufacturers, importers and exporters of various products, representing such entities to the ministries and licensing and registration documents on import/export of goods and raw materials.

Over the years it has developed into agency, which advises private business in the field of pharmacy, food and non food products, as well as various structures in ministries and departments, preparing legal documents. Its activity is also specialized in connection with the harmonization of Bulgarian legislation with that of the European Union.

SMILO is able to ensure satisfaction to its customers, which observe the regulations. Through consultations of SMILO, they effectively carry out their projects. The agency has available a team of highly qualified specialists for a broad representation of services in different fields.

The strategy of SMILO is based upon seeking of additional and relevant opportunities to provide support valued by customers. Consequently, for nearly 20 years, the number of services provided has increased, and currently these include advice on project management, supplier control, including inspections of supplies related to the quality and safety of goods, shipment of audit, development of HACCP systems in various industries and others.

Agency for Quality and Safety of Goods SMILO Ltd is known as an independent organization that establishes and defends its positions that are positions of the private entrepreneur. Sometimes they are critical to certain ministries and departments, regarding the lack of principles of the latter or lack of formal policy, for instance - in responsible directions of the health and economy sectors. Our analyses on substantive issues have been subject to assessment on dignity in: the Ministry of Agriculture and Food - National Veterinary Service sector, the Customs Agency, the Federation of Consumers and others. At the same time, other departments such as Ministry of Health, the Health Committee at the National Assembly had had advocated our criticism of the lack of sanitary and health policy "in respect of preliminary health control for" goods of importance to public health "implementation of HACCP systems for safe production and state control of food, beverages, etc., insufficient qualification training on this matter, etc. Since such lack of principles affects not only businesses but also ordinary citizen; due to lack of vision in the practical implementation of the new "European" requirements that the State requires from Bulgarian investor, without competent assistance.

SMILO is a member of the Union of quality professionals in Bulgaria. The manager of Agensy for Quality and Safety of Goods SMILO Ltd is a holder of Certificate No. QMS-06-148/2006 for development of management systems of food safety - HACCP - ISO