Research & Development (R&D)

ACTIVITIES/Research & Development (R&D)

SMILO carries out both individually and jointly with external outsource working groups R & D, within the framework of Bulgarian and European applied research projects, related to development - technologies, prototypes, etc. for new food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, medical devices and more.

     Innovative teams in mercy consist of professionals with proven record qualities. Heads of sectors are graduates with the qualifications meeting the European standards.

     Developments in several major areas:


Manager: Chemical Engineer Emanyuela Smilova, Master of Biotechnology, a member of the Association of Quality Specialists in Bulgaria, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Eng Tsanko St. Tzanev Dr.Chem.Sc.

Affiliation in Bulgarian-American projects for development of environmental biotechnology products subsidized by organizations in the U.S., EU and others.

Own investment program including new biotech pharmaceuticals and food assortments for the European market, USA, Russia and others. Developing and manufacturing tailor-fashioned products.


Collective management by business and foreign experts with the participation of: Prof. Dr. Y. Gogov Dr.Sc., Prof. Dr. D.Monov Dr.Sc., Prof. Dr.D. Slavchev DMSc

      Development of environmentally friendly food, including dietary supplements, under international and national projects, in compliance with the relevant European Union directives.  Products are eligible and meet the requirements for export to European countries and in third countries, attended by a health certificate for export, issued by the Ministry of Health.


Collective management of company and foreign experts, with the participation of Prof. N. Vetsova, DMSc Cosmetology-dermatologist, Dr. A. Mihaylova, DMSc – Toxicologist.

R&D (research & Development) is focused on natural cosmetic products, which complies with good manufacturing practice and European directives on cosmetics No. No. 87/18/EEC, 89/48/EEC, 93/35/EES and Regulation No. 36/State Gazette Issue No. 101/2005.

It develops and produces sets to order.