Manufacturing of medicinal drugs and supplements

Until 1977, the head of the Agency for Quality and Safety of Goods SMILO Ltd - Dr. Atanas Smilov has published 32 research papers in Bulgarian and foreign specialized editions. Since 1984, the R&D activity of Dr. Smilov has continued with clinical trials of new drugs, as Head of Department “Clinical Tests” in State Company “Pharmachim”. He has also organized testing and registration of medicines in countries, such as Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Laos, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia and others.

       On 22.03.1991 own company SMILO was established. Its activity is related to foreign trade organizations in Israel, UK, USA, India and other states, with which it has jointly developed predominantly pharmaceuticals. Some own research work has started in the 80-thies, grown into dissertation pieces of work in the Medical Academy and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and enhanced with modern technology, complemented by new scientific knowledge.


The agency has rationalization/copyright elaborations registered at INRA/ the Patent department, with own marks.

The Agency for Quality and Safety of Goods SMILO Ltd works out and manufactures under agreement (with materials supplied by the client) various nutrition supplements, medicinal drugs, cosmetics, etc., by own resources and raw materials of the client.