Food safety management systems in places of trade or manufacturing of food products, required by BAFS /Bulgarian Agency of Food Safety/ (Regional Inspectorate of Protection of Environment and Public Health  -RIPEP and National Veterinary and Sanitary Office - NVSO), according to “Good sanitary, commercial and manufacturing practices" of the Food Act;

    - HACCP (HASEP) systems of hazard analysis and critical control points or procedures, in accordance with the principles of the system: restaurants, shops, warehouses, in bakery industry, confectionery industry, dairy and meat processing and other industries of food and drink products.

    - Technological documentation (TD) for the production of various kinds of food of: bread, pastry, meat and dairy industry, beverages - alcoholic and non alcoholic, and others.

    - Technical Specifications (TS) for producing of: cosmetic, perfume, laundry detergents, cleaners and others.

    - Prepare documentation /Notifications to RIPEP (BAFS) import/delivery/manufacture of cosmetic products, in accordance with Article 13, section 1-8 of Ordinance No. 36 "About requirements for cosmetic products”.

    - Preparing of "Safety Data Sheets” for chemical products, detergents, cleaning agents, biocide products for the consumer.


    - Architectural, plumbing, HVAC, Electrical Part and Technological Part, for approval RIPEPH/NVSO (BAFS) shops, new and old industries of food and beverages; warehouses for drugs and medicines, pharmacies.


    - For releasing on the market of disinfectants (biocides) by the Ministry of Health;


    - Imports of goods with possible dual use of the Ministry of Economy (issuing of opinions).

REGISTRATION (notifications) in:

   - Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety (BAFS) of - "nutritional supplements".

   - EDA (Executive Drug Agency) and/or NVSO (BAFS) to:

• Medicines - for human and veterinary use, medical devices, disinfectants (biocides) preparations "Wholesalers" of drugs, medical devices, pharmacies, warehouses, shops, food and beverages