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Agency for Quality and Safety of Goods SMILO ® Ltd is the leading consulting company in the field of food, medicines, food supplements and cosmetics - development, production and registration. The Agency was established on 22.03.1991. It started operating as a consultancy office, rendering serves mainly to manufacturers, importers and exporters of various products. The agency represents them to the ministries, for licensing and registration documents on import/export of goods and raw materials.  >>>

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New MAOLO was released on the market by SMILO Agency:

MAOLO in gelatin capsules - 30 pcs in one package! MAOLO can be purchased in pharmacies and drugstores, which are listed in "PRODUCTS-MAOLO” section. Also can be ordered and delivered by courier, through ordering via e-mail: smilo@gbg.bg

Standpoints with views of physicians on clinical observations of the effects of MAOLO, could also be read the MAOLO-PRODUCTS section.



  • Address
  • Sofia, Bulgaria, ZIP: 1124;
  • j.k. "Yavorov" № 23, ent.1
  • Phone: 02/ 946-14-71; 02/ 946-12-54;
  • GSM:0888-54-31-41
  • smilo@gbg.bg

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